Terms of Services


Please read very carefully. We have zero tolerance in this regard. Unauthorized use, distribution ('leaking') of GKSHOP scripts, whether paid or free, is completely prohibited. The script owner is the sole authority on the use of the script and all other actions. Script and script owner are protected within the roof of DMCA rules.

Here you can find details about the escrow system.

If unauthorized use or distribution is detected on your server, forum sites or discord server, the following things will happen:

  • Tokens and assets related to your account will be revoked,
  • E-mail address and keymaster account will be banned from our gkshop tebex page,
  • Your Discord account will be banned from GKSHOP Discord and your account will be added to the global blacklist bot ("Stop The Resellers"),
  • No refunds for any violation of the Terms of Service,
  • The Discord server and hosting service you are found to be distributing our scripts will receive a DMCA notice which most likely will result in a shut down of those services,
  • Using leaked GKSHOP scripts on your FiveM server(s) will also lead your server to be reported to FiveM.
  • We are expecting Our customers to have at least a basic knowledge of coding in Lua.
  • GKSHOP doesn't pay any compensation in cases where your Cfx account is banned, hacked, lost or the e-mail address associated with these accounts is lost. The security of your accounts is your responsibility. In these cases, we shouldn't be asked for help.

Leaking is theft. GKSHOP products are scripts developed for more than 3 years. It is our first duty to protect these products, for which we spend great effort and hours. We never condone the use of Leak. Instead of having your services shut down by being a detective in this regard; We would like to focus more on improving our scripts.