Regarding Authentication & Transfers

Regarding Authentication & Transfers

 In 2022, like all developers, we have switched to the FiveM’s Asset Escrow  system with our v1.4 version. This system is the most secure system on FiveM, but it has certain restrictions.

 Talking about these restrictions, we would like to point out the limits of GKSHOP and its customers responsibilities.

The Keymaster System

First of all, when you purchase our product through tebex, the product is automatically defined to the keymaster account you purchased.

Your account security and who can access your account other than you are entirely your decision. 

We can't be expected to be responsible in cases such as violation of your account security, theft, hacking, unannounced asset transfer. Such situations are the responsibility of our customers.

When such problems occur, you can't expect support from us. We don't offer support in these matters. Only FiveM can support you in these matters. Because they own the platform and have more access rights than we do.


Only one transfer right for a product is given to an account in the Keymaster system.

And this transfer is irreversible.

Deemed accepting full responsibility when our clients transfer assets.

When you want to make a transfer, you will be greeted with the following warning in the keymaster system.

WARNING: Transfer will remove this license from your account and move it to another account. This action is irreversible and can be done only once for each license.

This warning is made for your safety and this process is irreversible. Although we have methods to circumvent these transfers, we don't do these transactions because they are not fair.
As required by our fair and transparent service approach, we can't be expected to provide compensation for transactions under the responsibility of our customers.

- Transfers made by accident,
- Transfers made to the wrong account,
- Theft, hacking, 3rd party sales

Circumstances will never be compensated. In order for our customers not to suffer;

- Our customers always keep their keymaster accounts at the highest security levels,
- Don't leave their accounts and their e-mail addresses open on any server or computer,
- We recommend that they don't save or share their passwords anywhere.


 Customers who make purchases claim their orders through our discord bot and assume the role of customer.

There is also the Customer's Developers role for our customers' developers. Customers can assign these perms to their developers so that they can receive technical support from us.

There is no transfer right in the customer role on the GKSHOP discord server. As a principle of our fair and transparent service approach, we don't allow these transfers.

In the event that our customers' discord accounts are shut down or stolen, we ask for all order records and proofs and allow them to assume their role again after rigorous review.

Please don't request a discord customer role transfer from us. We don't find this process appropriate and don't apply it.