In September 2019, GKSHOP was established on the basis of customer satisfaction, quality service and unique features. From our very first day, we brought unique features in line with our principles to the FiveM world. We continue our updates and developments with the motivation of the first day. In accordance with our equal price and equal service policy, we don't offer campaigns or discounts. We offer equal and quality service to all our customers.

We offer free updates and free technical support on all of our products. Our main focus is to always provide quality and unique service.

You can buy our unique GKSPhone, GKSCraft and GKSFuel products from this page.

Our unique scripts for you...

Resim 1

GKSPhone July 2023 Dev Log

Resim 2

GKSPhone June 2023 Dev Log

Resim 1

GKSFuel Showcase

Resim 2

GKSCraft Showcase


Fivem Asset Escrow System

We use the FiveM Keymaster Asset Escrow System in all our scripts. This system is the most reliable and easiest to use system for you and us. All products you purchase are defined in the assets section of your keymaster account. You can download your products from keymaster assets.


No Extra Charge

Our updates are free on all our products. You will never be charged an additional fee. You can continue to use the product you purchased own getting the latest updates at no cost.


Unique Updates

We make free and unique updates to all of our products. All our updates are made according to customer requests, player requests and developing industry dynamics. We are always working to bring unique features.


Customer Support

We offer free support to all our customers via ticket on our discord server. We don't charge any money in support transactions and guide you. (We don't teach coding, we don't do custom work)