GKSCraft (ESX / QB)

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Package Description

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GKS Craft is an advanced crafting system for fivem servers. It has an advanced and easy-to-use interface. It is compatible with both QB and ESX frameworks. Not compatible for standalone frameworks. GKShop offers free technical support for GKSCraft as with all its products.

You must use Oxmysql 1.9.3 or higher.

FiveM Asset Escrow
This resource comes encrypted with the FiveM Asset Escrow system.
If you want to learn this system, you can review our documentation and fivem documentation about this system.

Item pictures in craft aren't included.


Polyzone  is required as requirement.

GKSCraft comes ready in 5 languages. These languages are English, French, German, Italian and Turkish. You have to translate it into languages other than these languages yourself. GKSHOP periodically increases language support. 


  • Advanced UI,
  • Crafting queue (sql recording),
  • Level / XP System,
  • Chance of success,
  • Ability to open categories - add items,
  • Ability to allocate crafts according to jobs,
  • Ability to allocate crafts according to npc's,
  • Compatible with qb-core gang system,
  • Blueprint system (item can't be deleted),
  • Mail notification for gksphone and qb-phone,
  • Advanced discord logs,
  • Easy language translations,
  • UI Click Sound




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Frequently Asked Question

  • Compatible with new and old qbcore versions. (oxmysql 1.9.3)
  • We offer free technical and update support to all our customers.
  • All the files and installation guide you need are provided to you upon purchase. You won't need anything extra.

Information about purchasing

Lua knowledge is required to install and edit this file. If you don't know anything about this, we recommend that you don't buy it.

GKShop always cares about your safety. That's why we use the cfx.re license system. Before purchasing, make sure you are logged into tebex with your correct cfx.re account. Because resource cfx.re is associating with your account.

We don't accept refunds as there are no extraordinary errors or problems preventing use in this package. However, if you open a "chargeback", Tebex and GKSHOP may take action against you due to multiple usage agreement violations. You can review the terms of use here.

Additionally, always remember to keep your artifact up to date. You must use artifact 5848 or higher to use.

You can get artifacts here.

You should check our documentation page to get instructions on installation.

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