We are a team that develops scripts for fivem. We have been developing and selling scripts for the fivem platform since September 2019. Our ongoing technical support and update service has never been interrupted since our first sale. We act with 100% customer satisfaction. Our main policy is equal price and equal service to all customers. Therefore, there will never be any discounts/campaigns on GKSHOP products.

We produce and develop the best quality scripts for your players. Have you meet the best selling and most used phone in Fivem history yet?




Secure Content 
Fully Optimized
Fast Delivery

Easy to Setup
Our files encrypted with a high-security type of encryption.

Fully optimized for your server. Your players won't have any problems.

Customers who purchase receive the product within 10 minutes.

Setup is very simple, with installation instructions included in our files.

Information about purchasing

This resource comes encrypted with the official Cfx.re license and was fully approved by them.

Lua knowledge is required to install and edit this file. If you don't know anything about this, we recommend that you don't buy it.

GKShop always cares about your safety. That's why we use the cfx.re license system. Before purchasing, make sure you are logged into tebex with your correct cfx.re account. Because resource cfx.re is associating with your account.

Additionally, always remember to keep your artifact up to date. You must use artifact 5848 or higher to use our phone.

You can get artifacts here.